Fitting Tips

1. Can I wiggle my toes comfortably?

If you can not wiggle your toes without discomfort then the shoes are too short for you and do not fit you properly.


2. Does the heel feel slightly snug?

If you are trying the shoes on early in the day there should be a bit of slippage but later in the day, after you have been on your feet for a while, there should be no slippage and the heel should feel slightly snug.


3. Can I pinch the material over the large toe joint?

If there is too much material over the large toe joint then it may wrinkle and fold into your toes and cause pain and the shoe does not fit you correctly.


4. Does my foot rest comfortably in the shoe?

The arch of your foot should rest comfortably on the base of the footbed.


5. Does the shoe cut into my ankle bone?

To avoid blisters on your ankle, the heel counter should not come in contact with your ankle bone. If you feel some discomfort, then a heel pad should be put in the shoe to raise your ankle bone above the topline of the heel counter.


6. The shoe feels tighter on one of my feet?

Most people have one foot slightly larger than the other. The larger foot should be properly fitted with some adjustments being made to accommodate the smaller foot.